Making your lawn and garden projects easy
Soil3 Half Cubic Foot Bag

The Half Cubic Foot Bag is 3.74 gallons of Soil3, our 100% organic compost soil comprised of grass clippings from our sod farm, wheat straw from our farm, and cow manure from a local dairy. Soil3 Half Cubic Foot Bags are perfect for renovating bald or bare spots in your lawn; filing in holes or trenches; planting seasonal pots, containers, or boxes; or mulching both new and established perennials, shrubs or trees. Simply open one end of the bag, hold upside down, and distribute in your project area.

Neatly packed in a small bag, it’s easy to store, load, and unload by hand.


Purchase in store at a dealer near you for just $6.99 per bag.