Making your lawn and garden projects easy
Soil3 Half Cubic Foot Bag

As you can see in the picture, this is our “grab and go” bag of Soil3 organic compost for tucking under your arm and heading to your car.

It’s for when you need a bit of Soil3, not a full cubic yard BigYellowBag (though I like to keep a big bag around because I garden almost every day).

This bag weighs about 30 pounds and will fill 3.74 gallons (or a half cubic foot) of pots and containers. To put it in perspective, 54 of these small bags fill 1 BigYellowBag.

The same ingredients are in the small bag as in the BigYellowBag. We opted to offer this version to provide a different sort of convenience – the convenience of stacking just a few in your car to take with you.

Half Cubic Foot Bags are perfect for renovating bald or bare spots in your lawn; filling in holes or trenches; planting seasonal pots, containers, or boxes; or mulching both new and established perennials, shrubs or trees. 

Neatly packed in a small bag, it’s easy to store, load, and unload by hand.


Purchase in store at a dealer near you for just $6.99 per bag.