Organic soil means it’s safe, garden-ready organic matter. Not all soil is created equal. Make sure you source organic matter fully broken down into humus compost that’s free of contaminants, large mulch-like pieces, or other materials that aren’t fully composted.

There is a difference between “soil” and organic soil you can trust. Our organic matter has been approved for organic gardening purposes by OMRI. The high heat compost method used to make our organic soil means you can plant with peace of mind.

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No Mixing Needed

Because Soil3 is free of chemical ingredients and is fully composted into humus, it’s safe organic soil, a.k.a. organic matter, you can plant in directly – no need to mix with other additives. Humus is a term that means it’s fully composted into readily available, natural nutrients that won’t burn your plants.
Soil3 is a dark, rich, moist, organic matter soil that is ready for planting. Read Brie Arthur’s article on Planting Directly in Soil³.
Use Soil3 as your organic soil for all gardening projects:


Add Soil3 to your preparation plan. Your plants will grow better, look better, and you will enjoy your lawn and garden much more when you start with Soil3.