See a difference in your lawn! Use Soil3 to improve the health of your lawn, and therefore the appearance. Common uses include: laying new sodtopdressing your lawn and seeding a new lawn. If organic lawn care, chemical-free lawn care, or having a pet safe lawn is something that’s important to you, you’re at the right place. 

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Environmentally Smart

Fertilizers and other chemicals leak into waterways contaminating them for people, animals, and plants. Soil3’s organic manufacturing process (it’s OMRI Listed) ensures the components permeating the soil have no negative environmental impact, especially when compared to traditional lawn chemicals and even to other composts.

Lawn Fungicide Application

Topdress with Soil3 organic compost to reduce your lawn fungicide applications. Studies at the University of Georgia by J.B. Workman and Clint Waltz Ph.D. show that topdressing with compost suppresses fungal growth (particularly dollar spot) and will result in 55% symptomless foliage.

Lawn Disease Suppression

Regarding lawn diseases, an environmentally conscious plan of action is to topdress your lawn with Soil3 to reduce fungal outbreaks and to apply fungicide only if those outbreaks occur (i.e., withhold preventative fungicide applications).

Child safe and pet safe lawn care

If you have children or pets playing in your yard, the last thing you want is to expose them to harmful chemicals and fungicides. Help make your lawn care easier and safer by using Soil3. We use all natural sources to produce our organic humus compost so you can provide your lawn with nutrients it needs without harming the kids or animals that play on your lawn.

Whether you have children or are a steward of the environment, having a chemical free, healthy lawn is possible using Soil3 compost on new sod or topdressing existing lawns with compost.

Go Green, Save a Yard!

Preparing to topdress a lawn: Filling a compost spreader with Soil3 organic compost that was delivered in a cubic yard BigYellowBag.

Root comparison of Elite Tall Fescue grown in topsoil vs. topsoil amended with Soil3.
Deeper roots = tougher lawn (deeper roots find scarce water!)

How to:
Laying new sod with Soil3

How to:
Topdressing existing sod with Soil3

How to:
Seeding a new lawn with Soil3

How to:
Level Your Lawn with Soil3‘s Level Mix