Potting Soil for Container Gardening


Container gardening allows you to plant vegetable or herb gardens as well as flowers, trees or shrubs in all sorts of creative places. Perfect for the urban gardener, they allow plants to grow in controlled settings or inoperable spaces and conditions.

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Soil3 organic humus compost can be used as as potting soil for container gardening.

Plant straight in Soil3 compost and use it as an organic potting soil. No need for fancy potting mixes that contain peat and other fillers.

Soil3 is great for pots and container gardening because of the following properties:

  • Moisture retention
  • Slow release of natural nutrients (no fertilizer needed with Soil3)
  • Balanced pH
  • Natural disease suppression
  • Beneficial soil microbes
  • You can plant straight in it

Brie Arthur tested Soil3 against other potting soils. Read her insights and results in Summer Container Planting with Soil3.

We have trendy and light-weight grow bags for container gardening. Check out our Doc’s Root Pouch Kits. They’re sold with a BigYellowBag of Soil3 as the potting soil.

How to:
Using Soil3 as Potting Soil for Vegetables

How to:
Using Soil3 as Potting Soil for Herbs

How to:
Using Soil3 as Potting Soil for Flowers

How to:
Using Soil3 as Potting Soil for Trees

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