Environmentally friendly and easy cultivation


For increased yield and ease of cultivation, grow vegetables in Raised Beds with Soil3 organic humus compost and Doc’s Raised Garden Bed Kits!

We have designed and manufactured a raised garden bed kit –Doc’s Raised Garden Bed KitsMore Info

Our environmentally friendly raised garden bed kits are available; fill the raised vegetable garden bed with Soil3 will help you grow plenty of healthy vegetables!

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Looking for raised garden bed plans?  Using a raised garden bed kit is an efficient way to get a great garden, no matter the landscape conditions.  Reclaim otherwise un-gardenable areas such as low spots, high spots, and areas with inferior soils.

Raised vegetable garden beds create a compact growing area with close plant spacing. Also, the reduction of foot-traffic aisles (no long rows to walk between) increases your veggie-growing area and preserves soil from compaction.  Additionally, the soil in raised beds warm up earlier in the spring so you can get an earlier start to the growing season!


Raised beds are higher off the ground making it easier to take care of them. How so? The height means less bending over and therefore it’s to plant, weed, and harvest.

You can stack two wood Doc’s Kits to make them even higher.


The elevation of a raised vegetable garden bed improves drainage and oxygenation in heavy clay soils.

  • Water Conservation: you’re watering a compact rectangle, not spread out rows. Raised beds are especially water efficient with drip irrigation. Keep pathways unwatered (and mulched to prevent weeds).
  • Fertilizer conservation: the leveled box and level soil line prevent surface runoff of nutrients, therefore reducing fertilizer use and saving money. And when using nutrient-rich Soil3, you shouldn’t need to fertilize for up to for years anyway – we’ve tested growing vegetables in Soil3 for up to 4 years without additional fertilizer.

Increase Yield

The yield of a 1 sq. ft. garden area is typically ½ pound of fresh produce. Doc’s Raised Garden Kits are 32 sq. ft. each, so that’s 16 lbs of fresh produce per season. Here in the South, we can get in at least 3 growing seasons a year, so that’s 48 lbs. of produce out of your Doc’s Kit in one year!

In-house discussion continues with agreement that in the South we can get in 4 growing seasons EASILY, and if you time everything just right, you can even get in 5 seasons. That’s a potential of 80 lbs. of produce in one Doc’s Kit in one year!

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